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Walking Wednesdays Are Being Held Once Again

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre and “in motion” is running Walking Wednesdays again. It’s a one hour free drop in at the Wellness Centre that will be held every Wednesday from January 30th until March the 6th with the goal of encouraging physical activity.


The program will be held on January 30th, February 6th, and the 20th, and on March the 6th from 7 until 8 in the evening and on February 13th and the 27th from 2 until 3 in the afternoon.


Participants will be eligible for weekly prizes and a grand prize of a fitbit.  

If you would like more information or if you are interested call Shawn Yaremko at 204-627-7410.

OCN Blizzard Sale Still Needs Approval from the MJHL

Opaskwayak Cree Nation announced the sale of the OCN Blizzard to three local business men last week but the sale still needs to be approved by MJHL’s Board of governors.


OCN Blizzard governor Shorty Lathlin spoke to Arctic Radio News and said the transfer of ownership stands a good chance of being approved by the league.


He added that if the sale is not approved they will go back to the drawing board and decide what the organization needs to do to move forward.

RCMP Continue to Investigate an Incident That Occurred in Flin Flon Sunday

The RCMP report that at approximately 2:30 Sunday afternoon they were following up on complaints of mischief at a residence on Hill Street.  They went to the main floor apartment to ask for information when a large dog exited the residence and began growling and barking at the officers.


They report numerous attempts were made to get someone to take control of the dog as it continued to make aggressive actions toward the officers as they backed away from it feeling it was a definite threat. An officer drew his firearm again asking for someone to take control of the dog which suddenly lunged at them at which point the officer fired one shot which immediately killed the dog outside the residence with no civilians present. 


The officer removed himself from the scene, other officers undertook the investigation and the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba has been notified and will monitor the RCMP investigation.

Weekend Snow Machine Poker Derby Fundraiser Results

A special fundraising Snow Machine Derby was held last Saturday in The Pas. The fundraiser was organized to assist Tracy Constant who tragically lost her daughter.


A loan of two thousand dollars to offset the costs of Tracy’s daughter’s funeral was secured from Opaskwayak Cree Nation and the funds raised at this event will go towards paying back the loan.


The loan from OCN was Two Thousand dollars and they managed to raise eighteen hundred dollars of the money needed. Donations are still being accepted and you can donate by calling Marlene at 204-620-1602.


Marlene added that she was very happy that the community came together to help Tracy.

The Government Should Be Taking Action on Jobs in the North

During her visit to Flin Flon last week Churchill Keewatinook Aski Member of Parliament Niki Ashton expressed concerns about jobs in the north. 


She noted the lack of action by the federal government on job losses in Thompson and potential job losses at Hudbay in Flin Flon in 2021 and so jobs are front and center and it’s very important to hold Prime Minister Trudeau accountable. 


She says he talks about the middle class, he talks a lot about good jobs but where is he for Flin Flon, where is he for Northern Manitoba and she can tell us the federal government isn’t at the table whether it’s on issues of diversification, whether it’s on saving good jobs in our north they’re not there the way we need them to be.


Other issues she noted in the north include the environment, education and on the provincial level the closing of birthing services in Flin Flon with praise for the We Want Birth Committee and people from the area who have called on the provincial government saying we’re not going to stand for it.

Fundraiser Set Up For a Local Boy

An online fundraiser has been set up for local boy Ryder Armstrong who was flown to Winnipeg for medical attention. His family needs all the help they can get while he undergoes treatment.


The initial fundraising goal was five thousand dollars and so far more than twenty thousand dollars have been raised by over two hundred and fifty people in one day.


You can learn more about Ryders story and make a donation by following this link.






Opaskwayak Cree Nation Announces the Sale of the OCN Blizzard

Opaskwayak Cree Nation has confirmed the sale of the OCN Blizzard Junior A Hockey Team. The new owners are well known business men in the tri area and they are Arthur Barbeau, Salman Safdar, as Usman Tahir.


The team has struggled financially over the past 20 years. Back in the winter of 2016 the Blizzard were set to fold at the end of the season but they managed to stay alive with the help of increased season ticket sales and merchandise from fans they were able to play again for another season.


OCN Leadership sought the opportunity to keep the team afloat by selling it to interested buyers.  According to a news release the transfer of ownership requires the approval of the MJHL Board of Governors before it can be finalized therefore OCN will be involved in a co management fashion until the league meets again in March of this year.


Chief Christian Sinclair says the Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre will always be the Blizzards home and people will still have the opportunity to watch the same calibre of hockey on Opaskwayak Cree Nation.



The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting

The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce held their annual general meeting at the Sam Waller Museum on Wednesday night.


This year Herb Jacques was in attendance where he conducted a presentation were he asked the Chamber to focus on things like consulting seniors and seniors groups in the community to find out what needs to be done to prevent them from leaving, to develop commercial bulk land for commercial tenants, and to find ways to encourage people to move to The Pas.


Board elections for the chamber were also held that night and Trent Allen is the New President, Karen Lane was voted Vice President, Chris Marsh and Sharain Jones were elected for two year director positions, and Herb Jacques was elected for a one year director position.

Impaired Driving Continues to be a Leading Contributor in Road Deaths According to Manitoba Public Insurance

According to a report from Manitoba Public Insurance impaired driving was accountable for almost half of all deaths on Manitoba’s roadways last year.


A total of 71 people were killed in auto related crashes in 2018 and 42 percent of those deaths were due to impaired driving from both drugs and alcohol.


MPI is putting out a call to make 2019 one of the safest years on our roads and they are committed to reducing injuries and deaths on the roadways.


This can be done with public awareness, education, and by having drivers change their driving habits and behaviors.

Northern Manitoba Has the Second Highest Number of Flu Cases This Year

Northern Manitoba is second to only Winnipeg when it comes to the number of cases reported this flu season in Manitoba.


According to statistics from the Province, there were 130 cases of influenza in the Northern Health Region from September first through January fourth.


Doctor Randy Gesell, the N-R-H-A’s chief medical officer of health, says that the reports of positive flu cases are dependent on who gets tested, so the number of cases in the north could be up in part because of more testing.


He says that this year’s main influenza strain, H-1-N-1, is the same that hit the north hard in 2009.


Gesell adds that this year’s vaccine has been more effective so far than it was last year.


Data shows that the season has already peaked, though the number of active cases remains high.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Holds Mediation Circle for Social Media Case

Yesterday Opakswayak Cree Nation Held a mediation circle at the Kikiwak Inn that handled a serious incident that took place this past summer. Women from Flin Flon and Denare Beach made some racially insensitive comments towards indigenous peoples on social media in response to a car that had been vandalized.


The mediation circle was led by elder Irene Young an expert and Knowledge keeper that works within the justice system of MKO and also has experience in sentencing circles within Manitoba’s Justice System.


OCN Chief Christian Sinclair said in a news release that in a time where social media is easily accessible it’s important for everyone to understand there are consequences for what you choose to say online and inciting racist or hateful remarks is unacceptable.

Niki Ashton "Getting Serious About Climate Change"

In her latest MP report Niki Ashton says that we are facing catastrophic climate change and the federal government has not done much in response and Canadians still provide tax payer subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.


After almost nine years of promises, Liberal and Conservative governments have failed to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and the current liberal government just announced another 1 billion dollar gift to oil and gas companies.


Ashton added that measures need to be taken to reduce emissions and to invest in building the clean energy economy that we need now.

Public Hearing to Be Held on Possible Walkway Closures

The Town of The Pas is planning to have a public hearing on the proposed closures of walkways A, B, and C. All three of these walkways have suffered from vandalism, littering, and residents have complained that their fences have been damaged.


In order to move forward with the closures at least 75 percent of residents living in the immediate area of the walkways must be in favour of closing them. Residents responded to the town with letters and 71 percent of respondents were in favour of closing walkway A, 65 percent of respondents were in favour of closing walkway B, and 59 percent of people support the closure of walkway C.


The public hearing will give people another opportunity to voice their support or objection to the closure of these walkways.


The date of the public hearing has not yet been determined.

Kelsey School Division First Board Meeting of 2019

The Kelsey School Division held their first board meeting of 2019 on Monday night. The board is in the last stages of developing the 2019-2020 budget.


There will be a public consultation meeting on the budget on January 28th just before their regular board meeting and they hope to have the budget finalized and submitted in February or March.


They also discussed MLA Amanda Lathlins presentation made to the town about school safety zones and speed zones and that they were very pleased with her research. Lathlin found out that there are grants from the province that will pay for school safety zone expenses.


When the school board first addressed this issue to the town they were told that they would have to pay for the expenses themselves.

Last Year Was a Challenging One for Our Region

Northern Manitoba Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says last year our region faced job losses, shutdowns of critical infrastructure and an ongoing housing crisis. She says we also saw people and communities facing huge challenges in dealing with inadequate health care and education funding.


Ashton noted the Churchill port and rail line operating but only because of a northern partnership, the closure of the smelter and refinery in Thompson with silence from the provincial and federal governments and the potential closure of the mine in Flin Flon in 2021.


She pointed out the contrast between the complete lack of support for our region’s hard hit resource communities and the billion dollars plus bail out for the oil industry adding our region and regions like it produce much of the wealth of this country and we deserve better.

Manitoba Sustainable Development Searching for Moose Poachers

According to a report from Manitoba Sustainable Development they are investigating a case of moose poaching outside of The Pas.


It was reported that a moose was killed on private land in Carrot Valley on the afternoon of January 5th.


If you have any information on this incident you are asked to call The Pas District Office at 204-627-8287 or the Turn in Poachers line at 1-800-782-0076.

Snowmobilers Are Heading South Tomorrow

The Lions Journey for Sight starts in Flin Flon tomorrow morning. The Journey is an annual fundraiser for the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. 


Snowmobiles from across the province will start the northern leg at the Victoria Inn around 10 Wednesday morning and that takes them to Cranberry Portage for dinner with day number one finishing in The Pas.


Day number two will take them from The Pas to Swan River and day three which is Friday will allow some of them to get home for the evening in Dauphin


The Journey for Sight raised 82 thousand dollars for the Eye Bank last year.

Destination Marketing Fund Application

Kim Ballantyne from The Pas Community Development Corporation spoke to Arctic Radio News about the Destination Marketing Fund.


She says the fund was established with the purpose of providing financial means to promote economic development in The Pas and it was created within the accommodation tax bylaw where 25 percent of accommodation taxes are placed in this fund.


Local non profit organizations or groups that are incorporated are eligible to apply for this funding to offset costs of community events that they have planned.


If you are interested in applying or for more information call Ballantyne at 204-799-1446 the deadline to apply is tomorrow at 4:30.


If you can’t make tomorrows deadline there will be other opportunities to apply later in the year.

An Online Survey for The Kelsey's Planning Districts New Development Plan

The Kelsey Planning District held an open house last month to show the public how their new development plan would work and to allow the public to give feedback on the plan.


The plan is meant to help the future growth of the area and to encourage development.


If you were unable to attend the open house there is an online survey that you can take part in to give feedback.


The survey will be online until February 1st



Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporations Forest Management Operating Plan

A public meeting was held by Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporation where they discussed their new Forest Management Operating Plan for 2019-2021.


The meeting was held on Wednesday night at the Kikiwak Inn and the plan outlined harvesting activities, forestry renewal, road construction, and road decommissioning. 


There will be another meeting in Cormorant on January 16th at the Cormorant Lake School Gym at 7 at night.


Additional information on the plan can be found in the sustainability section of Canadian Kraft Papers website;

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving in the winter at times can be dangerous but Manitoba Public Insurance has some important safety tips for winter driving.


You are advised not to use cruise control when the roads are wet or slippery as this could cause your vehicle to increase speed, take your time driving and brake earlier then you normally would,  keep a safe distance from snowplows and never pass them on the right.


It is also important to check the weather and road conditions before you head out, ensure that you have winter tires and drive below the posted speed limit when the roads are slippery.

RCMP Respond to a Robbery at Snakland

On the evening of January 5th The Pas RCMP responded to a robbery with a knife at Snakland.


It was reported that a man walked into the store wearing a mask and he demanded money.


The suspect took the money and fled but police officers managed to find and arrest him a short distance away from the crime scene.


The suspect 33 year old Kyle Beardy was charged with robbery with a weapon and wearing a disguise.


He was released by a judge on a recognizance and is expected to appear in The Pas court on February 12th.

Niki Ashton To Visit The Otineka Mall

Local MP Niki Ashton will be at the Otineka Mall on Tuesday January 15th from 11:30 AM until 2:30 in the afternoon to hand out information and to answer questions that residents have. Light refreshments will also be served.


Ashton looks forward to visiting more of our region and she will continue to be vocal for our region in 2019.

Joe A Ross Schools Breakfast Program Sees Ongoing Success

For the past 15 years or so the breakfast program at Joe A Ross School has seen a lot of success.


The program was started to provide students with a healthy breakfast to start their school day and it has benefited students that don’t have a lot of food at home as well as students that don’t have the time to eat breakfast before school.


According to School Counsellor Jaime Moore, students have more energy, are less violent, and they pay more attention in class as a result of the program.


Parents and community members are welcome to volunteer in the program and if you’re interested call 204-623-4286.

Nelson House RCMP Ask For Help Locating Missing Woman

Nelson House RCMP are asking for assistance from the public in locating a missing 29-year-old woman from Nelson House who was first reported missing on January 3rd.


Tanys Lee Hughes was last seen on November 29th, when she told her family she was going to Winnipeg before leaving the community.


Hughes is described as 5’4” with short brown hair, and was last seen wearing a red parka and black pants.


Anyone with information is asked to call the Nelson House RCMP detachment at 204-326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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